Which SUV Offers the Best Liftgate?

Sport Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, have become one of the most popular categories of vehicles in the United States. While the definition of a Sport Utility Vehicle is somewhat fluid and continuously evolving, the class combines many of the features found in off-road vehicles with the ride and handling capabilities that consumers expect from a more traditional passenger vehicle.

When it comes to loading up the SUV with cargo, whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a weekend getaway with the family, your SUV liftgate can make or break your experience. A bulky liftgate that is difficult to open can leave you in a bind when your hands are full, while an easy to open liftgate can save the day. Choosing the SUV with the best liftgate can be a significant factor when it comes to overall satisfaction with your vehicle.

Hyundai Tuscon Lift Gate

The Best: Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson SUV’s hands-free power liftgate is the most innovative and user-friendly liftgate in the crossover category. With Hyundai’s power liftgate, there is no need to wave a foot under the bumper or press a button on the key fob. The Tucson liftgate doesn’t require any fancy maneuvering or juggling of parcels to find the key fob in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse. Simply approach the liftgate with the key in your pocket, wait for a moment, and the liftgate opens. The Hyundai Tucson’s innovative power liftgate is genuinely a hands-free design that eliminates the struggles that come with the competitor’s power liftgates. No tricks, no struggles—just the best SUV liftgate available.

Why Tucson’s Better

Other models, like the Jeep Compass, are available with power liftgates that operate through the use of the remote key fob. The Compass, for instance, allows you to open the liftgate from as far as 66 feet away with the touch of a button. While Jeep claims that the liftgate can be opened without the use of hands, you will still need to reach the key fob to operate it. So, although the liftgate can be opened from a distance and without the use of a key, if you are approaching the vehicle with your hands full, you will still need to free up a hand to find the fob and activate the button.

The Ford Escape offers a hands-free power liftgate named Intelligent Access Key. This feature is foot-activated and enables the liftgate to be opened by kicking under the bumper while the key fob is in your pocket or purse. The Intelligent Access Key allows the liftgate to open without having a hand free. Still, if you are carrying a bulky load or several grocery bags, you may find yourself doing a balancing act while you struggle to hold your bags as you stand on one foot and raise the other to touch the bumper.

Jim Burke Hyundai

For those reasons, the new Hyundai Tucson offers a more convenient and better functioning SUV liftgate than most of its competitors. To learn more about the Hyundai Tucson and see the hands-free power liftgate in action, visit a Hyundai dealer near you. If you happen to live in Birmingham or Hoover, simply swing by our Birmingham Hyundai dealership at 1424 5th Ave N. You can also call Jim Burke Hyundai at (205) 588-6283 to get a quote on any new Hyundai model.

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