Automotive Gossip & Rumors: What’s In The Hyundai Pipeline?

Have you overheard the chatter around the water cooler? Word has it that Hyundai is on the verge of releasing some really cool stuff in the coming year or two. Nostradamus we are not, but when Hyundai gossip starts spreading, we can’t help but foresee the possible future—and it’s looking splendid. Here’s what the rumor mill’s been spinning.

2020 Palisade, Party of Eight!

It’s no surprise that Hyundai has begun investing heavily in its SUV lineup, and the upcoming 2020 Palisade is proof to that rumor’s pudding. Debuting officially at the LA Auto Show last month, the Hyundai Palisade will be its 3-row, 8-seat, family-oriented flagship SUV. That means all the Sierras and Pilots of the world should prepare for an SUV-versus-minivan battle once it lands at our Birmingham Hyundai dealership.

But what’s the Palisade got besides enough room to transport a touring clown troupe? How about 16 cupholders, 7 USB ports, electronic transmission buttons, an upscale HUD, an in-cabin intercom and PA system, and the full Hyundai SmartSense suite that features Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert and Safe Exit Assist? Expect a full overview of the Palisade at a later date.

The upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) may have the Palisade on display, but you should be able to test drive the first-ever Palisade at Jim Burke Hyundai in the summer of 2019. Just prepare to fall head over heels.

Is a BIGGER Hyundai SUV on the Horizon?

As large as the Palisade is, Hyundai may be on the cusp of monopolizing the market if the rumors of this mysterious new SUV are true. Allegedly, Hyundai engineers are in the process of designing a bigger, more rugged SUV that would sit above the Palisade – it’s likely this huge SUV will be built on the same platform as the palisade – and be in direct competition to the Land Cruiser.

A Compact Hyundai Truck

Nearly 4 years ago, the concept Santa Cruz pickup truck was unveiled. Since then, mum’s been the word on this fan-favorite Hyundai truck – until now. In a recent interview with Hyundai’s brass, new details about the secret Hyundai pickup were divulged.

“From my side, it is finished,” said Chief Design Officer, Luc Donckerwolke. “The process to put it into production is now underway.”

The truck is expected to be based on the same platform as the Tucson and should be a direct competitor to the Ridgeline.

Now that the Palisade has hit the factory conveyor belts, the Hyundai engineering team should be hard at work shining up this little soon-to-be gem in Hyundai’s lineup. The Santa Cruz is coming, everyone. Patience!

The Leonis: A Cheaper Small SUV

The Hyundai Kona is currently the smallest and most affordable SUV on the automaker’s pristine roster, but what if the future looks a bit…skinnier, both in size and price tag? That looks like a distinct possibility given the recent comments made by VP of Product Planning, Mike O’Brien:

“There’s still a tremendous market potential even under our Kona,” O’Brien said. “There are nearly 50 million used car transactions every year and over a quarter of those people [who] tried to buy a new car…didn’t have enough credit, enough down payment, or their trade-in value wasn’t enough.”

Among all the exciting Hyundai news over the past year, this may take the proverbial cake. For shoppers who’ve ever had difficulty getting approved for a car loan or even bad-credit financing, a cheaper SUV would solve a lot of problems. Stay tuned for more information.

Speaking of the Kona…

Could the Hyundai Kona be this year’s North American Utility Vehicle of the Year? As one of three semi-finalists, it certainly has a shot of taking home gold at the NAIAS. Priced below $20k, the Kona is not only one of the most affordable crossovers on the road, but it’s also one of the most efficient with a 27/33/30 MPG stat line. It’s impressed shoppers this year, beating out competitors like the Honda HR-V and Nissan Kicks in sales, and the Kona EV model is a game-changer that certainly stands out in a growing and crowded field of electric SUVs.

Celebrate Kona’s victory early by testing one at our Hyundai dealership near Hoover. There’s no better time to jump on the Hyundai bandwagon. Visit Jim Burke Hyundai at 1424 5th Ave N in Birmingham, AL, to get behind the wheel or ask us about any of our other new Hyundai vehicles for sale and lease.

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